Juliana Premium 9×14 – Dwarf Wall Model


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The NEW Juliana Premium 9×14 Dwarf Wall Greenhouse has been designed with all of the modern features and quality that one would come to expect from a Juliana with an eye to the traditional with it’s Dwarf Wall.

The Dwarf Wall creates a strong and unique foundation for your greenhouse. You can choose to build it from your choice of stone or opt for the Modular Dwarf Base for a more factory look.

The Low Threshold Entrance means that there’s nothing to step over when entering the Orangery. Usually in traditional greenhouse designs there is a high threshold of at least 5″ inches to step over when entering the building. The low threshold on the Juliana Orangery means that getting in and out with a wheelchair or a wheelbarrow is safe and straightforward.

The Anthracite Grey Powder Coated Frame on this greenhouse not only looks stunning and helps the greenhouse blend into your garden, it also adds another level of protection to the aluminium frame. This frame finish, complimented by the black doors, windows and fittings makes this one of the best looking greenhouses available today.

Double Stable Doors on this building give a nice look as well as being very handy for effective ventilation during warm weather. The doors feature proper stainless steel door handles and a cylinder lock for security.

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