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The New Juliana Grand Oasis 14×9 Greenhouse is a superbly stylish and modern garden room greenhouse featuring double stable doors, black windows and fittings. This model will look great in any garden, modern or traditional to create a really useable leisure space for the whole family to enjoy.

The Low Threshold Entrance means that there’s nothing to step over when entering the Oasis Sunroom. Usually in traditional greenhouse design there’s a high threshold of at least 5″ inches to step over when entering. The low threshold on the Juliana Oasis means that getting in and out with a wheelchair or a wheelbarrow is safe and straightforward, no tripping.

Double Stable Doors on this building give a nice look as well as being very handy for effective ventilation during warm weather. The doors feature proper stainless steel door handles and a cylinder lock for good security.

3mm Full Length Toughened Safety Glass is the recommended choice for UK gardeners, given the weather conditions we enjoy! It’s full length, limiting drafts, and at the same time being stiffer, cutting down on flexing within the frame. Juliana models are all specified with British Standard BS6206A safety glass. This glass withstands impacts far better than standard greenhouse glass and if it breaks, it shatters into small harmless pebbles that won’t cause serious injury.

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