Oasis 14×9 – Dwarf Wall Model


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The Juliana Grand Oasis Dwarf Wall Greenhouse introduces extra style to what is already a fantastic structure that’s spacious, full of light and can radically improve the way your garden is used.

You can construct your own dwarf brick wall or Juliana have made it much easier with a modular dwarf base option made from reinforced concrete that can be covered in either a brick effect or timber facia.

With table and chairs, the Oasis becomes a tremendously impressive dining area where family and guests are surrounded by greenery, the greenhouse can also be used purely for relaxation or perhaps somewhere to work during the summer.

Naturally, you can also choose to use this sunlit space to cultivate plants of many kinds, and this thriving environment can be enhanced by fitting options such as an optional louvre, staging and auto vents. The greenhouse already has two opening windows and these offer essential ventilation particularly when the stable door is partly or fully open.

There’s no doubt that this wonderful greenhouse has a highly attractive appearance whether you choose a durable anthracite or silver aluminium finish, neither will discolour or corrode. Toughened safety glass is used throughout and is fitted with complementary black capping.

To ensure your greenhouse stays in pristine condition, integral rainwater gutters and downpipes are fitted as standard to this fabulous UK designed garden building that carries a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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