Balcony Greenhouse





The NEW Juliana Balcony Greenhouse has been created specifically for Urban Living. The whole Growhouse securely attaches to your balcony!!!

The Growhouse is ideal for growing herbs, chillies or getting your flowers started off.

Removable Shelving provide the flexibility you need when working in smaller areas.

4mm Full Length Toughened Safety Glass is the best choice for UK gardeners with the weather conditions we enjoy! It’s full length, limiting drafts, and at the same time being stiffer, cutting down on flexing within the frame. Juliana models are specified with British Standard BS6206A safety glass. This glass withstands impacts far better than standard greenhouse glass and if it breaks, it shatters into small harmless pebbles that won’t cause serious injury.

Length – 0.27m   / 0’11”
Width –  0.6m     / 2’0″
Height – 0.79m  / 2’7″

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