‘NEW’ Qube Square 8×8


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The Halls Qube Square greenhouse maintains the high-quality design features of the original Halls Qube, merging the brand’s signature elegance with enhancements in resilience and firmness, thanks to the sturdy aluminium frame. Its design delivers exceptional structural integrity, offering reliability to users and contributing a sophisticated, contemporary flair to any garden setting.

For those seeking to boost the greenhouse’s foundational strength, there is an optional steel base available for purchase. This base not only straightens but also reinforces the greenhouse’s base, ensuring it stands firm against various weather conditions. Without this steel base option, constructing a brick base becomes essential, a pivotal aspect of the assembly ensuring a stable and enduring greenhouse installation.


Width: 8’7″ / 2.61 m.

Length: 8’7″ / 2.61 m.

Eaves: 4’5″ / 1.35 m.

Ridge: 8’1″ / 2.46 m.

Smooth running sliding door: Yes

Low Doorstep: Yes

Number of windows: 2 pcs.

Additional information

Glass Type

Horti Glass, Safety Glass


Black Finish, Green Finish, Mill Finish



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