Juliana Grand Oase 14×19


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Juliana Grand Oase is the perfect greenhouse if you want to use your greenhouse for both growing and relaxation. The Grand Oase achieves perfect ventilation with its side vents, stable doors and clever automatic roof vent system, meaning there is always a great growing environment in the greenhouse.

The Grand Oase is available in 3 sizes: 13,0 m2(14x9ft), 18,8 m2(16x12ft) and 25,6 m2 (14x19ft)

The 13,0 and 18,8 is also available in a dwarfwall model.

With the doors mounted on the side of the greenhouse, and an eaves height of almost 2 meters, the Grand Oase is perfect for hosting garden parties for family and friends.

Juliana Grand Oase - 25,6 m2 anthracite/black 3 mm LPT


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