Husqvarna 125BVX 28cc Petrol Hand Held Blower/Vacuum


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Powered by a hardworking 28cc two-stroke petrol engine, the 125BVX is capable of achieving a maximum in-pipe airflow of up to 12.03m³/?min at speeds of 76m/s. This provides more than enough pushing power to tackle just about any domestic clearance job with ease, while a clever Smart Start® system reduces starter cord resistance by up to 40% and combines with the 125BVX’s easy access primer bulb helps to ensure quick starting every time (even on chilly autumnal mornings). For added versatility and great performance regardless of the job at hand the 125BVX also features a length-adjustable blower tube, with both round and flattened nozzles included as standard.

As well as blowing leaves around, however, the 125BVX stands out for coming with a handy ‘Vac Kit’, enabling quick conversion of the blower into a vacuum/leaf shredder. Thus, once you have gathered loose leaves into a neat pile with the blower, installing the ‘Vac Kit’ will allow you to collect and mulch the whole lot with remarkable efficiency. Leaves are shredded with a set of mulching knives on the fan, reducing their size by a ratio of 16:1 to increase the collection capacity of the bag supplied. These shredded clippings can then serve as perfect composting material, helping to ensure the long term health of your garden.