Husqvarna 122HD60 24″ Petrol Hedgetrimmer


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Husqvarna’s global horticultural empire is founded on a longstanding dedication to engineering excellence and brilliant design. As such, every Husqvarna machine is perfectly tailored to suit the needs of specific users taking on specific tasks in specific settings. When it comes to the occasional trimming of hedgerows, shrubs and bushes in a domestic setting, for example, even the most dedicated home gardeners couldn’t ask for much more than the excellent 122 HD60; a hedgetrimmer expressly built and designed to make maintaining a perfect finish in large home gardens exceedingly simple.

Take the 122 HD60 hedgetrimmer’s superb 60cm double-edged cutting blade, for example. With the capacity to deliver up to 4,050 cuts per minute and a maximum recommended cutting diameter of 20mm, there are few domestic hedge-care jobs that the 122 HD60 hedgetrimmer cannot tackle with ease. Power to the cutting system, meanwhile, is provided by an impressively industrious 21.7cc petrol two-stroke engine. The effective low-noise design of this engine means that you will not disturb your neighbours while you work, with no compromise made on power in order to achieve this. For added convenience, meanwhile, Husqvarna’s clever Smart Start® system reduces starter cord resistance by up to 40%, working in conjunction with the engine’s integrated fuel pump to ensure hassle-free starting every time.

To make sure that even less experienced users can achieve truly exceptional results, the good people at Husqvarna have also done everything they can to make the 122 HD60 hedgetrimmer as user-friendly as possible. The inclusion of a LowVib® anti-vibration system, for example, means that this outstanding hedgetrimmer is always comfortable to use, while the high-grip front handle sits nicely in the hand for exceptional control. Even more impressive is the 122 HD60hedgetrimmer’s clever pivoting rear handle, which offers five working positions to allow you to adapt the trimmer to suit the working conditions at hand. When trimming alongside a wall, for example, or when cutting the sheer tops and sides of shaped hedgerows, adjusting the rear handle will allow you to maintain a neutral hand position and thus make it easier to achieve an accurate cut.

The lightweight build of the 122 HD60 hedgetrimmer, moreover, means that it is also a pleasingly manoeuvrable machine, yet it remains more than tough enough to stand up to the rigors of routine garden maintenance and deliver years of reliable performance. This makes Husqvarna’s 122 HD60 hedgetrimmer perfect for the serious home gardener faced with the challenge of tending to fast-growing shrubs, bushes and hedges, getting the job done quickly and effectively to give you more time to enjoy the pristine finish achieved.