Toro Recycler 21762 22″ Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower


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The self-propelled steel-deck Toro Recycler® 21762 gives you the option of immediately recycling your grass back into the turf, therefore saving you the time and hassle of repeatedly emptying the grassbag. Alternatively, when conditions are not ideal for mulching (i.e., at the beginning or the end of the season), this mower is also equipped with two other means of grass disposal: the traditional rear collection method and a side discharge option, which will make tackling longer grass very easy.

Switching between the modes of cut is effortless, with one lever used to change between grass collection and recycling modes. For the collection option, the mower is equipped with a large capacity grassbag, meaning that you won’t have to stop too often to empty it. The greatest time-saving function is however the recycling mode. The patented Recycler® cutting system cuts and re-cuts the clippings up to fifteen times before they are redistributed onto the ground and forced down into the turf where they will quickly decompose to provide nutrients and moisture for the soil and encourage the growth of lush verdant grass. The side discharge function is very useful when the grass is longer and trickier to cut, as this mode eject clippings away from the blade very quickly to prevent the mower from becoming clogged up, or when you are cutting along a sharp edge, such as a ditch or a flowerbed; this function is activated by opening up the side discharge aperture and installing a clip-on side chute. Further flexibility is offered by height of cut adjustment, with four different height options between 25mm and 102mm available; at its highest setting, this mower is even capable of being used for leaf collection.

Propulsion and power to the large durable 55cm steel cutting deck comes from the mower’s easy-starting 190cc Briggs & Stratton Quantum 675 Series petrol engine. Meanwhile, the AutoMatic Drive System is designed to match your pace, meaning that when you speed up or slow down the mower replicates your movement. Finally, when you are finished mowing, storage and transportation are made easier by the folding handlebar, and a washout port means you can connect a hose to the mower to clean the deck’s interior in seconds, thereby preventing grass build-up and ensuring the continued high-quality performance of the machine.